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We are now registering for the next #Stitched# session. The five-week program is scheduled Monday through Thursday 9:30 am to 1:00 pm at the St. Anthony Center, 1615 Republic Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202.

Classes include a break and lunch. You will create items useful in daily living and learn the basic skills necessary to obtain employment in the textile industry. Classes are limited to six people. Cost for the five-week session is $10.

Contact Sarah Center at 513-549-0542 with questions.

Sharing Success Stories

Sarah Center – #Stitched#

Job Skills Learned

The Sarah Center’s #Stitched# program helped me get a full-time job.

Joe - Guest

Discovered Sewing Talent

I was excited and looked forward to the next class and discovering a talent in sewing. I was surprised at my flash back to my early childhood of my grandmother and aunts sewing.

Br. David - Guest

Learned a Wide Variety of Skills

I really like learning all the skills. It inspires creativity. I think we learned a very wide variety of skills. I am a happy student!!

Terhas - Guest

Wonderful Class

I really enjoyed the humor and the sharing that we all experienced. Lois, the teacher, made learning a lot of fun. Wonderful class.

Steve - Guest

Learned Basic Sewing Skills

I liked the content being taught, basic sewing skills like backstitching and threading the machine. I also enjoyed the projects and the facts that they got progressively harder. I talked with my mom about how much I love the class – now she has signed up for the next class.

Nicole - Guest

Learned Hand Sewing

I really loved this class and I was happy that we started with hand sewing. I also enjoyed the challenges.

Caprice - Guest

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