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Mission | Vision | Values


We nourish and nurture people in need.

Our Vision: WE ARE ONE

  • One Table – we nourish the hungry in body, mind, and spirit
  • One Promise – we connect with our guests to nurture hope and well-being
  • One Team – we work together to make a difference in the world
  • One Spirit – we are one with each other as we live in, with, and through the Holy Spirit
  • One Place – we partner with other ministries and programs to create and sustain services accessible to people in need.
  • One Community – we engage the greater community in ministry to increase our impact and use our resources responsibly.

Our Values

  • Gospel Message: We live and share the Gospel with everyone
  • Dignity of Human Life: We affirm the goodness and value of each person created in the image and likeness of God.
  • Care for our Neighbors: We hold special concern for those in need.
  • Peacemakers: We work toward peace and foster reconciliation.
  • Together in Community: We live simply and humbly, as a community with each other and all creation.

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