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Franciscan Legacy


The Franciscan Friars have been serving the homeless and working poor in our community for more than 175 years.

Mission | Vision | Values

Our Mission: We nourish and nurture people in need.  Our Vision: WE ARE ONE.

Our Staff

Our staff and volunteers work side-by-side, hand-in-hand to inspire change and innovation to provide life’s most basic necessities, while filling the gaps in local safety net services.

Our Programs

Our programs nourish and nurture people in need, enabling us to be as one and share the Gospel message, respecting the dignity of human life, caring for our neighbors, acting as peacemakers and living together as a community

Our Impact

At the St. Anthony Center in Over-the-Rhine, we are part of a collaboration of services joined together under one roof to feed, clothe and provide basic needs for the homeless and working poor in our community.

Success Stories

While we serve thousands of meals and provide a broad range of services that meet basic necessities, we connect with each guest to affirm his or her goodness and value, always learning an individual’s name and story.

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