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Leigh Gorman

Chef Instructor

Contact details

Phone:  513-549-0542

Leigh was raised in a family, interested in local food and healthy cooking, and has carried on those interests.

Local, clean food was so important to her to feed her own family, that for 17 years, she drove 30 minutes to be a part of a CSA to collect the weekly share and complete her volunteer hours. However, things began to shift during that time, and farmers’ market started appearing in locations much closer to her.

As a result, she got involved and further developed the small, existing market in her own community. In the 6 years that she managed the Fort Thomas Farmers Market, it developed into a thriving mid-week, family-friendly market with 25+ vendors. Another part Her goal was to create a generation of farmers’ market shoppers, by making it a place that children loved coming and shopping with their families too.

In the midst of this seasonal work, she attended The Midwest Culinary Institute, and completed her Culinary Arts Certificate. Through connections at Cincinnati State, she was introduced to Cooking for the Family, and has been a chef instructor for over 4 years (please confirm).

She loves how the curriculum combines her many interests and allows her to make an impact in the areas that she loves most, which include cooking, local food, health & wellness, and connecting with different people in these areas too.

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