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OTR urban gardens restored

CINCINNATI, Ohio – October 24, 2020 — St. Francis Seraph Ministries was recently awarded a grant of $25,000 by Greater Cincinnati Foundation to restore the urban container gardens located on Goose Alley in Over-the-Rhine.

The community garden project is being done in partnership with Cornerstone Renter Equity and its 60 households living in OTR between Race and Republic Streets, north of Liberty Street.

One of the goals within the Cornerstone Renter Equity model is to create racial equity by teaching residents how to build personal financial stability through home ownership. Building community gardens in the Cornerstone neighborhood enhances the environment, the lifestyle and the property values for everyone who lives there.

St. Francis Seraph Ministries’ mission is to nourish and nurture anyone in need. Supporting the neighbors, especially the families who live in the Cornerstone development enhances the organizations’ mission for serving the underserved and building a better community. To volunteer or donate, visit